TITAN (31) is our breeding bull and isn’t he a beauty! He was the first calf born on our farm and is no less spoiled than our children! He carries the chondrodysplasia (dwarfism genetic), as well as A2/A2 milk protein. This guy truly is a stud!
Missy (123) is our primary milker and provides our family with fresh A2 milk! This photo was taken 2 hours before she calved (giving birth to Titan).
Bello (12) has been trained to milk in a pinch.. although she’d prefer to be out grazing with her herd. At treat time, she can be found at a distance nodding her head as if to say, “toss it over”.
Halleigh earned her name at 8 months old because “HALLEIGHLUJAH; She finally got on the dern trailer!” When we first brought her home, she was as wild as the wind! With lots of love, treats, and halter training, she became my favorite! Taking her picture is nearly impossible because she’s always standing right next to me. She’s both an excellent mother and an excellent milker… but don’t bother asking if I’ll sell her. This one’s special.