Welcome to Heaven’s Hidden Homestead, in Monroe County, West Virginia. As you may have guessed, our 180 acre homesteading farm was founded on love and gratitude for our Savior, Jesus. With His guidance, we hope to establish self-sufficiency through dual-purpose Dexter cattle, Red Wattle hogs, assorted poultry, small fruit orchard, gardening, food preservation, and hopefully a future honey bee colony.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. And THANK YOU for visiting our website!


Whether it’s a litter of piglets, a few too may calves, a pair of peafowl chicks, or a clutch of fertilized eggs…. it seems the Good Lord is always giving us a little extra. Email to be added to a waitlist.


When I figure out how other women have time to milk the cow, feed the flock, muck the stalls, birth the babies, plant the garden, homeschool the children, harvest the garden, drive the taxi, preserve the food, cook the meals, wash the laundry, pay the bills, bathe the youngins, and still take a shower myself…. I would really like to write about it…



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Lindside, West Virginia