All of our Nubian’s are registered through the AMERICAN DAIRY GOAT ASSOCIATION (ADGA), come from strong milk lines, and have been disbudded. I am a sucker for those big floppy ears and playful personalities. Upon arrival to our farm, most of them received nicknames based on personality traits.

Meet “Nag” – She was one of the first to steal my heart and the second to earn a nickname. She has a playful personality and nags me for attention every chance she gets.
“Nanny” as she was named just hours after coming home with us, was accidently milked on night one at our farm… but that’s a story for another day.
My “Sweetie”. Quiet, calm, and always a follower.
“Miss Timid” was pulled from her kid when we purchased her. So for several days, she was depressed and kept her distance while the other goats milked their new family for attention. Speaking of milk, Miss Timid is a great milk goat!


“Hope” was the last to receive a nickname. She can often be found laying nearby the herd, but uninterested in their shenanigans. This very well behaved and beautiful animal earned her name because I paid a little extra for her than the others… so I HOPE she’s a good milker!
And then of course, there is “Ike”, our highly motivated Billy. Ike was carefully chosen to join our herd because he comes from strong and abundant milk lines, in addition to being a dominant and good natured male.